50% Discount On Best Football Holiday Camp December 2022

50% Discount On Best Football Holiday Camp December 2022

50% Discount On Best Football Holiday Camp December 2022

KDH Global Football Center in Ampang will be running a Holiday Camp for our existing and new members in
Malaysia especially Kuala Lumpur and Ampang. The Holiday Camp will offer a chance for all kids to enjoy the fun game of football in a friendly and structured environment. The kids will not only develop their physicality and technical football skills in the two days, they will also develop the right characters they need to grow up to be respected players both on and off the pitch. 50% Discount On Best Football Holiday Camp December 2022. (Terms & Conditions applied for KDH Ampang first 10 kids).

This Holiday Camp is suitable for kids of all genders, backgrounds and abilities, as we will offer enjoyable
customized to all kids to enhance their technical, physical development and most importantly their interest in football.

  1. Warm-up & Recreational program
  2. Balance & Strength program for Physical Development
  3. Dribbling and Passing Technical Training
  4. Crossing and Shooting Technical Training
  5. Goalkeeper Training
  6. Football Positioning and Tactical Play
  7. 1v1, 2v2, 3v2 Game Realistic Program
  8. Match
  9. Cool Down & Recovery


  • All coaches are qualified with either professional coaching or playing experience and are all
    fluent English speakers.
  • The class will offer various programs to help the kids to improve in many aspects.
  • The professional class will allow the kids learn the technicality of dribbling, passing, crossing and
    shooting in details.
  • Improve social skills and team work through the game.
  • Experience competitive football environments through friendly matches.
  • Enhance kids’ interest and motivation to improve in the sport through fun rewards

We would like to invite you to join KDH Football Holiday Camp December 2022. Register now for special arrangement.

Should you have any inquiries about the holiday camp, please do not hesitate to contact us via Whatsapp, Kakaotalk or phone call
Mobile: (+60)11-2611-2838 / Email: kdhglobalfc@gmail.com