Experienced management in the helm of our football academy

As a global sports group and the best football academy in KL, we have kept true to our principles and values. This has been our core drive since we begun our football training. Join our football academy to ensure you are in the right path to be come world-class football player.

Our Principles & Values

At KDH Global FC, we value the 4 GRIT components –Growth, Resilience, Instinct & Tenacity. We want to support and help our players achieve their dreams and at the same time ensure that they develop the right characters to become respected players both on and off the pitch.

KDH Global FC comprises of coaching staffs with professional football experience, offering systematic training that is focused on mastering the basics of football. We focus on developing the characters of our players and teaching them the importance of a “we” not “I” mentality to ensure that they grow to be positive leaders.

KDH Global FC will participate in international tournaments and let our players undergo trials at professional football clubs internationally.

KDH Global FC will focus on character development while developing the players’ footballing abilities.

KDH Global FC will ensure that all players balance their studies and football. In the case where a player’s academic grades are unsatisfactory, we will allow the player to temporarily stop training with the team to ensure that the player learns to find the balance.

KDH Global FC will guarantee “fun” in both training and education. We will NOT develop an overbearing system that demands results and competitiveness, which often leads to players falling out of love with the sport. We will teach the player that failure is the path to success so that they can play and achieve their goals passionately.

Mastering the “basics” is key in both football and academics. KDH Global FC places importance on mastering the “basics” in football while the school will provide an excellent academic curriculum so that our players will master the basics required.

Management Team

Our principles and values are backed by a strong and dedicated management. It is essential for top football academy like ours to have strong connection to important individuals in football development in Malaysia, such as Selangor FC and Football Association of Malaysia.

KDH CEO Kim Do Heon









Partnership With Selangor FC

Our football academy is an official partner of Selangor FC as we are sending qualified football players from our academy to join professional team. From the basics to mastery, our academy is guiding amateur players to improve their skills as athletes. We do not compromise on their formal education. We guide them through proper football training and build their talent to achieve success.

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Sports Management

KDH is always committed to present best football players to professional football clubs in Malaysia, or even in South East Asia.  We are currently in touch with over 30 players from Asia countries such as Korea, Japan and  Thailand. to represent them as their football agent.

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