Dato’ Jefferey Low


  • Executive Committee of Football Association of Malaysia (F.A.M.)
  • President of Malaysian Chinese Football Association (M.C.F.A.)
  • Ex-Vice President and Manager of Kedah Football Association (K.F.A.)
  • Technical Advisor of KDH GLOBAL SPORTS, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Dato Jefferey Low’s interest towards sports, especially football engaged him in various football associations. He is an Executive Committee of the Football Association of Malaysia (F.A.M.) (2010 – 2014, 2017 – 2022) responsible for youth and grass root development. He is also the President of The Malaysian Chinese Football Association (M.C.F.A.) (2010 – 2021) and the President of the Kedah Chinese Football Association (K.C.F.A.) where his emphasis and goal has always been in youth development. Besides, he was previously the Vice President of the Kedah Football Association (K.F.A.), (2012 to 2017) while also given the position of Manager for KFA. With Dato Jefferey’s experience in this field and his years of leadership engagement with various football associations, we are very confident in setting out to reach the goals of developing youth football in Kuala Lumpur.