Best Age To Join A Football Academy

Best Age To Join A Football Academy

best age to join a football academy

Best Age To Join A Football Academy


Do your children loves playing football? Or do you want to direct them to become a professional football player? To become a good football player, you need to educate them from an early age. One of the way is to follow and register to the Football Academy in Malaysia. How to choose a good and quality football academy in Kuala Lumpur? What is the best age to join a football academy? We hope we can answer all your questions here.

Children really have to be facilitated by their needs to do a lot of activities. These energetic individual should get the right channel. If your child likes football, of course it is good for his own development. Moreover, football has many benefits in terms of physical health, social development to mental health. Normally, football academies start with as young as 6 years old. However, it depends. Several parents believe that the best age to join an academy is 13. You can always become a professional player regardless of what people tell you.

To maximize his hobbies and talents, choose a good training ground or what is known as football academy. Currently there are a lot of football training clubs in Malaysia. However, a football academy must be chosen that has a clear program, both in terms of management and in terms of human resources on the training side who are already qualified. There are several things that must be considered when choosing football academy so that your child can get good material and develop optimally.

1. Good management

Parents must see the management side of the football academy. A football school that must have a high commitment. Not only to make the teaching and learning process successful for students, but also to uphold good moral values. So that it can transmit a positive culture to their students. Football academy must be guided by elements of good coaching for children at an early age. So it is imperative for football schools to prioritize friendly conditions, which are safe and comfortable for their students.

A quality football academy usually has a good management structure. For example, they have school principals, head coaches, assistant coaches at various age levels, treasurers, physiotherapists, secretaries, marketing or even public relations officers who have relationships with professional clubs and the media.

2. Good curriculum and training methods

The curriculum is important to see learning methods and training materials according to the age level and abilities of students. A quality football academy also has measurable training programs, such as references to provisions that are common in grassroots development and youth development. For example, for U8-U12, which is synonymous with fun games, then for U12, some football schools require players to master at least three of the seven basics of playing football. Things like this must be done because it will really help the process of ascending to a higher level for the child. For example, when you enter the U14 or U15 level, you are used to game situations or real matches.

3. Have certified football coaches

A good football academy usually has a coach who has a coaching certificate. A football academy coach must at a minimum hold a National D and C or AFC License so that he or she will be very familiar with youth development (child development). He will know exactly when it’s time to practice, build character, or play on the field. Without that, it is not certain that the coach understands how to handle the football academy team from an early age.

4. Diligently follow regular competition

Football academy, which includes its team in every competition, is an added value from football academy itself. By participating in competitions, of course young players have the opportunity to play in real conditions. FIFA recommends that football academy should attend 500 hours of training per year. This means that you can divide 400 hours of training and 100 hours of matches, on average playing two matches each week. Some SSBs get around this by holding their own small tournaments.

Improve Skills With a Trusted Coach

So many football techniques certainly make it difficult for you to teach all of them to your kids. Moreover, you have to divide your time to work and to train your child to be good at playing football. This problem can  be solved easily if you choose to send your child to the best football academy in Malaysia, which is KDH Football Academy. KDH Football Academy is the best football academy in Malaysia that has coaching staff with various professional football experiences and offers systematic training that is focused on mastering the basics of football.

Furthermore, KDH Football Academy will focus on character development while improving the players’ skills at playing football. KDH Football Academy will also ensure that your kids will continue to complete their education as well as practicing their football skills. The fun training system applied in KDH Football Academy will certainly make your child feel at home while practicing and attending the training. So, what are you waiting for?  Register yourself/your kid and join KDH Football Academy right away.

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We hope that this article helps you to understand what is the best age to join a football academy. Also, we hope you know more about good quality football academy like KDH Football Academy.