Best Football Academies For Kids In Malaysia

Best Football Academies For Kids In Malaysia

Best Football Academies For Kids In Malaysia
Best Football Academies For Kids In Malaysia

Are your children interested in playing football? Or are you considering guiding them towards becoming professional football players? To become skilled in football, it’s crucial to start educating them at a young age. One option is to enroll them in a reputable football academy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. But how do you select a high-quality academy? And at what age is it best to join? We aim to provide answers to all of your inquiries here.

Children thrive when they have opportunities to engage in various activities that align with their interests. If your child enjoys playing football, it can be a fantastic way for them to grow and develop in many aspects, including physical, social, and mental health. While most football academies admit children as young as six, the optimal age to begin may vary depending on individual circumstances. Some parents believe that thirteen is the best age to join an academy. Regardless of age, with hard work and dedication, anyone can aspire to become a professional football player.

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When considering a football academy for their child, parents should pay attention to the management aspect of the school. A high level of commitment is necessary for a football academy to succeed not only in imparting knowledge and skills to their students but also in instilling positive moral values. It is crucial for football academies to prioritize creating a friendly and safe environment that is comfortable for their students, especially when coaching children at a young age.

A reputable football academy typically has a well-structured management team, which includes a principal, head coaches, assistant coaches for various age levels, treasurers, physiotherapists, secretaries, and marketing or public relations officers who have connections with professional clubs and the media.

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It’s crucial to consider the curriculum when selecting a football academy, as it provides insight into the learning methods and training materials that are tailored to the age and skill level of students. A high-quality football academy should offer measurable training programs, which include references to commonly accepted standards in grassroots and youth development. For instance, in age groups U8-U12, the focus is often on fun games, while some academies require players in the U12 age group to master at least three of the seven fundamental skills of playing football. These measures help prepare children for higher levels of play, such as U14 or U15, where they can apply their skills in real match situations.

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Having a football academy team that competes in tournaments is a valuable aspect of the academy itself. By participating in competitions, young players gain the opportunity to play in real game conditions. FIFA recommends that football academies allocate 500 hours per year for training. This can be achieved by dividing the time between 400 hours of training and 100 hours of matches, which equates to an average of two matches per week. Some academies organize their own small tournaments to meet this requirement.

In addition, KDH Football Academy prioritizes character development alongside improving players’ football skills. The academy is committed to ensuring that students continue their education while practicing their football skills. KDH Football Academy utilizes a fun training system that will make your child feel comfortable and at home while attending practices. Don’t hesitate any longer – register yourself or your child at KDH Football Academy today!

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