KDH Football Academy Dominates International Youth Cup in Thailand

KDH Football Academy Dominates International Youth Cup in Thailand

In a dazzling display of skill and determination, KDH Football Academy has etched its name in the annals of international football glory at the prestigious International Youth Cup in Thailand on December 3, 2023. The academy’s U8 team emerged as champions, the U12 secured a remarkable 2nd place, and the U10 showcased their prowess with a stellar 3rd place finish. This triumphant sweep is a testament to KDH Football Academy’s commitment to excellence in football development. Let’s unravel the riveting journey, standout performances, and the academy’s resolute dedication to shaping the future of football.

1. International Youth Cup: A Global Showdown:

The International Youth Cup in Thailand stands as a global arena where youth football talents converge to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level. KDH Football Academy’s triumphant performance is a shining beacon in this international showcase of football prowess.

2. U8 Team: Champions of Youth Brilliance:

The U8 team’s ascent to the championship is nothing short of spectacular. These young talents demonstrated not only technical proficiency beyond their years but also the infectious joy of playing the beautiful game. Their victory is a testament to the early foundations laid by KDH Football Academy.

3. U12: A Gritty Pursuit of Excellence:

Securing the 2nd place in the U12 category, KDH Football Academy’s young athletes exhibited resilience, tactical acumen, and a hunger for success. Their journey to the final is a testament to the strategic coaching and dedication instilled within the academy.

4. U10: A Display of Tenacity:

The U10 team’s achievement of 3rd place highlights the depth of talent within KDH Football Academy. Their tenacious performances and skillful play underline the academy’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded footballers who can compete at an international level.

5. A Proud Moment for KDH Football Academy:

This triumph is not just about winning titles; it’s a proud moment for KDH Football Academy and its commitment to shaping the next generation of football stars. The academy’s coaching philosophy, emphasis on skill development, and fostering a winning mentality have undoubtedly contributed to this stellar achievement.

6. Building a Legacy:

KDH Football Academy’s success at the International Youth Cup is a building block in the legacy of the academy. It showcases that the commitment to excellence, from the youngest age groups to the more advanced teams, is a cornerstone in KDH’s mission to shape the future of football.

7. Inspiring Young Dreamers:

The triumphant performance of KDH Football Academy’s teams at the International Youth Cup is an inspiration for young dreamers within the academy and beyond. It exemplifies that with dedication, teamwork, and effective coaching, they too can aspire to stand on the international stage.


As the cheers echo from the International Youth Cup in Thailand, KDH Football Academy stands tall, a beacon of success and dedication. The victories of the U8, U12, and U10 teams are not just reflections of skill on the field but manifestations of the academy’s commitment to crafting a future where football thrives at its highest echelons. The journey has just begun, and KDH Football Academy, with its triumph in Thailand, continues to inspire and shape the dreams of aspiring football stars.