KDH Football Academy Expands to Kuching: A New Era in Football Youth Development

KDH Football Academy Expands to Kuching: A New Era in Football Youth Development

KDH Football Academy Expands to Kuching: A New Era in Football Youth Development

KDH Football Academy, a renowned global sports enterprise founded in Malaysia in 2018, is set to embark on an exciting new chapter in its journey. The academy, represented by its distinguished founder, KIM DOHEON, a former Korean national representative and English Premier League football player, is expanding its horizons by opening a new football academy in Kuching, Sarawak. With the first class scheduled to commence on November 15, 2023, under the expert coaching of Coach Akim, this marks a significant leap forward in KDH’s mission to enhance and develop football in Sarawak and Borneo.

KDH Global FC: A Legacy of Excellence

KDH Football Academy, through its subsidiary, KDH Global FC, has made a significant impact on the football scene in Malaysia, with branches in KL and Seremban that boast over 1200 players. This legacy of excellence and dedication to nurturing young football talents has made KDH a trusted name in the world of football development.

Why Kuching, Sarawak?

The decision to expand to Kuching was prompted by a partnership with local football enthusiasts who sought out KDH due to its stellar reputation and proven academy management. Together, they share a common vision – to elevate and develop football in Sarawak, the heart of Borneo. KDH’s arrival in Kuching heralds a new era of football youth development in the region.

A Wealth of Untapped Talent

Sarawak has long been known for its rich footballing tradition, and the region is teeming with talented young players eagerly waiting to train with KDH. The academy’s presence in Kuching will undoubtedly unlock this wealth of untapped talent and provide young athletes with the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Training Schedule in Kuching

In line with its commitment to providing accessible and comprehensive training, KDH Football Academy in Kuching will offer a schedule similar to its counterparts in KL and Seremban. The academy will run daily training sessions, with evening classes on weekdays and morning classes on weekends, ensuring that students can seamlessly balance their academic commitments with their football development.

Who Can Join?

KDH Football Academy in Kuching is open to a wide age range, accepting students from as young as 4 years old, right through to adults. This inclusive approach allows the academy to cater to a diverse set of talents, from budding young stars to those seeking to refine their skills and love for the game.


As KDH Football Academy expands its reach to Kuching, Sarawak, it’s not merely the inauguration of a new branch but the beginning of a transformative journey for football enthusiasts in the region. The academy’s storied history, coupled with its commitment to excellence and passion for youth development, is set to unlock the immense potential of Sarawak’s young football talents. This expansion underscores KDH’s dedication to fostering football at the grassroots level and marks a significant stride forward in the footballing legacy of Malaysia and Borneo.