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KDH Global FC has partnered up with Matrix Global Schools in 2019 to open our facilities to talented youth footballers globally to study and learn football at the same time here at Matrix Global Schools. With the best facilities and education that Malaysia has to offer, the players will be able to not only grow as footballers but also grow academically, providing them with the perfect platform for growth.

In the case where the players decide to discontinue their dreams of becoming a footballer due to injuries or inabilities, we will provide them with the necessary consulting and possibly guide them to other aspects of football such as sports management, so that they won’t have to give up on the sport they love.

The sports industry is now a massive industry and comprises of many different fields such as sports analysis, sports marketing, sports management, sports media, sports channel, refereeing, coaching, training, psychologist and many more. The industry is growing and will continue growing in the future. Hence, vast opportunities in the industry await our players at KDH Matrix Global FC and we believe that the education and training provided in the school will prepare them well for these global opportunities.

Matrix Global Schools provides the best facilities and education system that Malaysia has to offer. KDH Global FC comprises of coaching staffs with professional football experience, offering systematic training that is focused on mastering the basics of football. We focus on developing the characters of our players and teaching them the importance of a “we” not “I” mentality to ensure that they grow to be positive leaders.

We value the 4 GRIT components Growth, Resilience, Instinct & Tenacity. We want to support and help our players achieve their dreams and at the same time ensure that they develop the right characters to become respected players both on and off the pitch.

Our goal isn’t only to help our players improve their footballing skills. We place
importance in the academic performance of our players as well, which is why all players will undergo the same academic curriculum as all Matrix Global School student


KDH GLOBAL FC has locked a partnership with Matrix Global Schools to lead the school football team and run the academy under KDH MATRIX FC

KDH Matrix football
KDH football academy

Football Activities


From 1st December 2020 – 30th December 2021

Free tour and transportation to KDH MATRIX FC Pickup & Drop off to/from school

Football kit, Team kit, Socks FOC

Football Fee Discount 30% (No discount on food expenses)

1 Year Advanced Payment Football Fee additional discount 10% (No discount on food expenses)

Sibling Discount Football Fee10% (No discount on food expenses)

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