Malaysian Parents Shared Kid’s Development After Joining Football Academy

Malaysian Parents Shared Kid’s Development After Joining Football Academy

Malaysian Parents Shared Kids’ Development After Joining Football Academy

Aiming to help Malaysian children pursue their football dreams, and realize their growth potential, KDH Football Academy invested their effort to build the best football academy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Over the course of four weeks, the kids trained to become the next generation of successful football players. Guiding them throughout the process were head coach Jayden and director, Jay Kim who had put in all their efforts to build the next generation of football talents for Malaysia. Through this program, they want to educate parents and kids on how training and determination are key factors in realizing their true growth potential as football players.

To find out just how much the children developed through our football training in Kuala Lumpur, we spoke to some of their parents. Here’s what they had to say:
  • Ying Kitt Chan, Malaysia
 “Great youth football academy with a nice balance of local and international youth players that all mingle well together. The standards are high with strong emphasis on continuous development of physical, technical and tactical aspects of football. Coaches are all very attentive and focused on player improvement.”
  • Paul, Malaysia
 “My son trains and plays for KDH for 2.5 years now. After a somewhat disappointing period at a local football school, my son had lost his confidence and his game suffered. Joining KDH was the turning point in his football career. The KDH professional coaches built him up again. They started with basic technic and skills and he showed improvements almost immediately. If he will be able to make it as professional football player, his KDH coaches have played a very important role in it. The players in his team form a very close knit group and all support each other in times of difficulty (injuries, etc.). The coaches have played a very important role in this team bonding. Although I have to drive him to training and matches 5 times a week (from Seremban), it is worth my extra time so my son can play for this club.”

For more information on KDH Football Academy and how it can help your kids, check out the information below:

Improve Skills With a Trusted Coach

So many football techniques certainly make it difficult for you to teach all of them to your kids. Moreover, you have to divide your time to work and to train your child to be good at playing football. This problem can  be solved easily if you choose to send your child to the best football academy in Malaysia, which is KDH Football Academy. KDH Football Academy is the best football academy in Malaysia that has coaching staff with various professional football experiences and offers systematic training that is focused on mastering the basics of football.

Furthermore, KDH Football Academy will focus on character development while improving the players’ skills at playing football. KDH Football Academy will also ensure that your kids will continue to complete their education as well as practicing their football skills. The fun training system applied in KDH Football Academy will certainly make your child feel at home while practicing and attending the training. So, what are you waiting for?  Register yourself/your kid and join KDH Football Academy right away.

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We hope that this article helps you to understand what is the best age to join a football academy. Also, we hope you know more about good quality football academy like KDH Football Academy.