Sports Management

We present best footballers to professional football clubs.

Our Mandate

KDH Sports Management are currently signed with over 30 players from Asia countries such as
Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia etc. to represent them as their agent.

We present the Best Footballers to professional football clubs. UFC agency strives to advocate the development of southeast asia football club. We offer a well-established soccer trade system and customize to all of clubs not only one off.

We are young global football agency. we run sessions at some of the biggest international football market as well as our own open venue sessions all over southeast asia football club. We are currently looking for various team to join us as our partner with the running of each other.

There are sponsorship, pre season, contract players , league and cup tournament organization.

Successful Agreement

kdh sports agency

Pre-Season Training

Management has been preparing Pre-Season events for teams



Negeri FC

Negeri Sembilan FC

KDH Terengganu FC

Terengganu FC