Tips To Join Junior Football Academy In Malaysia

Tips To Join Junior Football Academy In Malaysia

Coaching young players is very important to produce great football players in the future. Therefore, many junior football academies in Malaysia were established to create the next professional players.

One of them perhaps is your child who currently dreams to become a professional football player in the future.

However, what does it take to prepare our children to become professional football players? And how to choose a good junior football academy for our children?

This article will give you answers to various questions that may not be answered until now. Read until the end and get the benefits at the end of your reading.

What Is the Best Age To Join a Football Academy?

Considering the age of a kid to attend a football academy actually is very crucial. That is because each age has different training programs and those stages must be passed by a potential young football player.

Former Arsenal academy coach with UEFA A license, Taff Rahman, said that the ideal age to attend a youth academy is when you are 6 years old. According to Taff, starting from age 6 to 14 is the perfect time to practice the basic skills of playing football. After that, the coaches will be able to teach the tactics and formations to their students when they are 14 years old. 

Therefore, if you have a son or daughter who is already 6 years old, you can immediately register them to the best junior football academy in Malaysia.

The reason why the age of 10 is considered too late to start as a young football player is that there are stages that need to be passed when the potential players are 6-9 years old.

Preparation For Children to Attend a Football Academy

If you no longer have any doubt to register your children to a football academy, you need to pay attention to several things that need to be prepared. 

At least, there will be three things you need to prepare.

What are they?

Read the following.

1. Have a Strong Willingness to Learn

The first thing you need to be certain of is that your child has a strong willingness to learn. Willingness to learn is very important for aspiring professional football players, especially the young ones.

A lot of things will be learned by a professional football player, starting from the basic skills, tactics, and formations to various additional techniques to make a player play better.

A strong willingness to learn obviously will help your children to understand the training from their coaches at the academy as much as possible. Therefore, make sure your child really has a strong willingness to learn.

2. Physical Health

The next thing you need to pay attention to and prepare for is the physical health of your child. Football players must have good physical health and are not sickly.

That is because football players have to train very hard to become great football players. Moreover, a strong physique will make it easier for a player to master various football techniques.

Should your child has a poor physical condition or has a history of serious health condition, it would be better to consider another option that is still related to the football games.

3. Has a Good Discipline and Willing to be Guided

The last thing you need to prepare is to make sure your child is disciplined and easy to handle. There are a lot of cases where football players fail because they weren’t disciplined and their coaches struggle to handle them.

Therefore, it is very important to have good discipline and the kid is easy to handle starting from an early age for a young football player. The instructions from the coach are very important to follow, both in the training and the games.

In fact, a team can be ruined if the players are not disciplined and difficult to manage by the coaches. You can begin training your child to be disciplined and easy to handle at home.

The Benefits Of a Child Attending a Football Academy

If you are assured that your child is qualified to attend a football academy, but you do not know what benefits of doing so, you can read the review below.

There are at least three benefits your child can get if they attend the best football academy in Malaysia.

What are they?

Here’s the review for you.

1. Have a Good Training Background and Are Ready to Compete

Football players will always deal with training, matches, and competitions. A child who attends a football academy will become a person who is trained, disciplined, and accustomed to competing.

Various age group tournaments and championships organized by various parties will train your children to be ready to compete in any way. Moreover, your child’s physical shape will also be trained even if they won’t become football players.

So don’t hesitate to enroll your child in the best football academy in Malaysia right at the moment.

2. Have a High Dedication

Not only trained and ready to compete, children who are members of a football academy usually have a high dedication. That is because their lives are full of discipline and orders, and they need to obey what their coaches say.

In addition, children who attend a football academy usually are children who have a great interest in the world of football. They will do anything to pursue their dreams to become a football player.

So it’s a good decision to put your children in a football academy. Your child will have a good dedication as the fruit of their training even if they won’t become a professional football player.

3. A Potential Football Player

Another benefit of attending your child to a football academy is your child can be a potential football player. Surely the ultimate goal of attending a football academy is to become a professional football player.

If your child is really talented and serious about participating in various training programs in the football academy, then it won’t be difficult for him/her to become a professional football player. Especially if the football academy has a decent system.

So, it’s a really perfect time for you to enroll your child in the junior football academy in Malaysia from now on.

Choose The KDH Football Academy for Your Child

With various benefits your child can get from attending a junior football academy, it would be better for you to choose the best junior football academy in Malaysia. You will find all of that benefits when your child attends the KDH Football Academy.

Why is KDH Football Academy the best football academy for kids?

There are several reasons that you can consider below.

1. Have Perfect Classes For Each Age Stage

According to the points conveyed by Taff Rahman, the most ideal age to attend the junior football academy is 6 years old. The KDH Football Academy has special classes for each age starting from 6 years old to 18 years old.

There are also other class categories that you can choose for your child, which are the Elite Team, the Develop Team, and the Social Team. There is also the Girls Team which is a special class for girls who are interested in becoming female football players.

Each age group class has its own curriculum and learning materials. Therefore, you don’t have to worry if your child doesn’t get learning materials that fit their age.

2. Trained By Professional Coaches and Teams

Alongside the age-grouping classes, the KDH Football Academy also provides a team of professional coaches. The KDH Global FC coaches with professional football experience offer systematic training that is focused on mastering the basics of football games.

We focus on developing the characters of our players and teach them the importance of a “we” mentality instead of an “I” mentality to ensure that they will grow to be positive leaders.

Moreover, the coaches will ensure that your child learns starting from the elemental things to the mastery. The learning process will be conducted with a lot of fun.

3. Certified Academy

The last reason why you should choose the KDH Football Academy for your child is because of the certification possessed by KDH Football Academy and our coaches. The coaches at the KDH Football Academy have a stack of experiences and verified licenses.

Surely it will give your child proper and qualified learning materials from the experts. In addition, the KDH Football Academy is an official partner of Selangor FC as we are sending our qualified players to join professional teams.

From the basics to mastery, our academy is guiding amateur players to improve their skills as athletes.

We do not interfere with their formal education. We guide the players through proper football training and polish their talent to achieve success. 

From all of the benefits mentioned above, it’s very reasonable for you to immediately register your child to the KDH Football Academy.

Come and register your child to KDH Football Academy.

Experience the benefits and direct your child to become a professional football player with KDH Football Academy.

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