Young Malaysian Football Academy Player Selected For FAM Squad

Young Malaysian Football Academy Player Selected For FAM Squad

kdh football academy player

Young Malaysian Football Academy Player Selected For FAM Squad

Sean is a young and talented football player from KDH Football Academy, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia who had always dreamed of representing his country on the international stage. He had worked hard for years, dedicating himself to training and improving his skills, and his hard work had finally paid off. Recently, Sean received the news that he had been called up to the FAM-MSN project squad. This was a huge honor and a major milestone in his career, and he was thrilled to have the opportunity to represent his country. We had an interview with Sean, his dad, Paul to get more information about the recent news.

KDH: Congratulations on being called up to the FAM-MSN squad! Can you tell us how you and your parent react when you heard about this news?

Sean: Excited, unexpected because I would not imagine getting this chance. It’s always been my dream to be where I am now.

KDH: What has been your journey to getting called up? Can you talk about any challenges or obstacles you had to overcome along the way?

Sean: It is a long journey. I recalled that I always trained hard and do more than other players so that I can excel in what I do. I come from Seremban. So I have to go very early for all the football training. Even though I am tired, I will still try my best.

KDH: How did you first become interested in football, and what has kept you motivated to pursue it at such a high level?

Sean: I always had the passion since I was a child. Cristiano Ronaldo has been my idol since I saw him in TV. I kept myself motivated all the time. And it is always through hard work and trying my level best. Training with KDH Football Academy, especially with Coach Jayden and Director Jay is always a good moment in my life. We did not just practice technically but also have interpersonal relationships with one another. I stayed in their house sometimes and they gave me extra practice.

KDH: As a young player, what do you hope to gain from this experience?

Sean: I hope to make it in the first team and get more playtime. I hope to improve my technical skills too. And definitely, just like others, I would love to play in Europe one day.

KDH: Can you talk about your experience as a parent of a young athlete, and what it means to you to see your son called up to FAM-MSN squad?

Paul (Sean’s Dad): I was happy and surprised. We did not expect he will be scouted in the tournament. They contacted us about Sean’s trials. There are 30 players from 18 years old to older age as well. I did not expect him to be selected and made this at a such young age. He always has a dream to be a professional football player. Thanks for Coach Jayden from KDH Football Academy who has trained his physical abilities and also his technical skill. I am very proud.

KDH: How have you supported your son’s football journey?

Paul (Sean’s Dad): He started kicking the ball in the garden at our home. We brought him to join the football team at the age of 11. Afterward, he trained him to KDH Football Academy. We have been sending him 3 times a week from Seremban to KL. We dedicate our life and time for his passion.

KDH: What are your hopes and aspirations for Sean’s future in football, and what do you see as the next steps in their career?

Paul (Sean’s Dad): You need to give everything if you want to make it. On Rainy or sunny day you have to always push yourself to do what he likes. There is always sacrifices needed when you start the journey.


We had a great opportunity to speak to Coach Jayden and KDH Football Academy Director Jay too during this occasion. It was a pleasant time to know more about how football training in KDH Football Academy can lead to a wonderful journey for a young football players.


KDH: How did you first hear about the player’s call-up to FAM-MSN squad project, and what was your initial reaction?

Coach Jayden: I did not believe it at first because Sean is still very young. I was really really happy of course.

KDH: What is the player’s biggest strengths and weaknesses, and how have you worked with them to improve in those areas?

Coach Jayden: He was young and shy at first but KDH Football Academy can see his potential. We focus on basic football skill for him in the beginning stage like passing and shooting. After 3 years, the training focuses more on strategy and team formation. His strength is on his left foot and plays at the left side to cause trouble to the opponent’s defender.

KDH: Do you have any wishes for Sean for his football career?

Coach Jayden: Stay hungry to learn as this is not final. Always be humble and open to learning new things.

KDH: What was your initial reaction to hearing the good news of Sean’s call-up?

KDH Director- Jay: I am very happy but I did not react at first as there are other players’ selections going on. We contacted him personally and congratulate him. He is the first player in KDH Football Academy to be selected to the squad.

KDH: How do you think the player’s experience with the national team will benefit them and the KDH football academy moving forward?

KDH Director- Jay: His teammates will definitely have more motivation to achieve a better result and get selected in the future. KDH Football Academy collaborates with national teams and clubs such as Penang, Selangor, Terengganu and others. So definitely, it is an open chance for everyone at KDH Football Academy to achieve their dream as football players.


Overall, Sean’s call-up to the FAM-MSN squad project was a major accomplishment and a testament to his hard work and dedication to the KDH Football Academy. He was proud to represent his country and excited for the opportunity to compete at the highest level of international football. So, this is the article about Sean, a young Malaysian football player that has just been called to FAM football team project.

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