Tips To Improve Skills For Young Football Players

Tips To Improve Skills For Young Football Players

Tips to improve skills for young football player

For some parents who like football or having a child whose dream is becoming a professional football player, having a child with great football skills is certainly a dream itself. However, it certainly will not be easy to achieve if parents are not able to improve their kids’ skills as young football players.

Therefore, parents should understand how to improve their kids’ skills as young football players. They have many things to master, such as the skill of controlling the ball, shooting, blocking, passing, tackling, heading, and many more.

The article is here for those of you who want to improve your kids’ skills as young football players. What is the detailed explanation? Here’s the review for you.

The Skill of Controlling the Ball

The skill of controlling the ball, and there are many techniques for this skill, should be mastered by your kids as young football players. Why is controlling technique so important to master? Football players have to be able to control the ball so that they are always in control of the ball.

If a football player can control the ball during the game, the chances of a goal being created for his team are very big. The main objective of the game of football is to score as many goals as possible against the opponents and win the game.

Therefore, you need to practice ball control techniques with your kids. An exercise you can do to improve your kids’ ball control skills is juggling. Juggling is one of the most effective ball control exercises still used today.

Juggling the ball involves almost all parts of the body, such as the head, the shoulders, the chest, the thighs, the knees, and the feet. Parts of the body that should not be used during juggling are the arms and the palms.

In addition to juggling, you can also train your kids’ ball control skills by passing a ball to your kids to receive. You can pass the ball in a bounce, along the ground, or horizontally.

Then, ask your child to receive the ball that you have passed using the inside of the foot, the outside of the foot, the sole of the foot, the thigh, the chest, and the head alternately. Do this exercise continuously to get maximum results.

1. Shooting

shooting technique

The first technique to be mastered by a young football player is shooting. Shooting is very important to master because it is the main weapon to score goals against opponents.

Shooting is the final process that has to be carried out by a football player to create goals and bring the team to win a match. Therefore, a young football player must master shooting techniques as well as possible.

To practice shooting, you can train your kids to kick the ball as far as possible. Practicing kicking the ball as far as possible will increase the strength of shooting of your kids.

Moreover, you also need to train your kids’ kick accuracy. How to practice kick accuracy is to ask your kids to kick the ball towards the target you have made. The target could be a can, a picture on the wall, or a cone.

Then, you can also train your kids to score goals, either with or without a goalkeeper. You can become a goalkeeper voluntarily. The purpose of this exercise is to improve the ability of kids to score goals against their opponents.

2. Able to Learn Blocking Techniques

Blocking Techniques

In addition to learning the ability to attack your opponent’s defenses, you also need to teach your kids the defensive techniques. In modern football, all players are required to be able to defend as well as possible.

One of the defensive techniques that are often used is the blocking technique. The technique of blocking the ball has various functions, such as blocking the opponent’s kick towards the goal, blocking the opponent’s pass, and blocking the ball that comes into the team’s defense area.

Blocking techniques can also be done with all parts of the body, except for the arms and palms. However, you need to train your kids to block with their feet or with a heading.

Blocking technique exercises that you can do is applying defensive simulations. Designate your child to be a defender by trying to block the pass you release to your friends.

In addition, you can also do rondos to train the kids’ speed and accuracy to block the passes released by the opposing players.

3. Passing Ability

Passing Ability

The next technique that needs to be learned is passing. Many football experts say that the passing technique is the most basic technique that all football players have to master.

That’s because football is a team sport that doesn’t just rely on individual skills. Therefore, to cooperate with your teammates in forming an attack, you must have good passing skills.

A passing technique exercise that you can do is to partner with someone and to pass the ball to each other. Furthermore, you can also invite your child to play rondos against you whose role is to chase the ball.

In this way, your kids’ passing and speed skills will improve. Your kids will be prepared to become great professional football players. 

4. Tackling Technique

Tackling Technique

Other than blocking the ball, another defensive technique that your kids should master as a young football player is tackling. Tackling is a technique to win the ball by tackling the ball that is controlled by the opponent. The ball that has been tackled will be able to be controlled by the player or it can be delivered outside the field so that the opponent’s attack stops.

Tackling is a technique that is quite risky because it can result in a foul. It can be in the form of minor fouls or serious fouls. Minor fouls will usually get a yellow card, while serious fouls will get a red card.

Therefore, your kids need to learn good tackling techniques to avoid fouls. An exercise that you can do is to ask your child to tackle the ball against you that you can handle well. Make sure your child doesn’t hurt you.

5. Header

Header technique

The next basic technique that is to be mastered is the header The techniques of header  can be used to defend and to attack. When attacking, the header technique  can be used to score goals against the opponent. Meanwhile when defending, header technique can be used to block the ball into the goal. The header technique isa technique of heading the ball with various parts of the head, which are the top, the back, the front, and the side. However, a football player usually uses the front of the head to head the ball/to apply the technique.

You can practice your kids’ heading skills by becoming a partner in heading practice. You and your kids can take turns heading the ball. Don’t let the ball fall to the ground as much as possible.

In addition, you can also ask your child to practice heading towards the wall. This exercise will not only train heading skills, but also ball control using the head.

Learn the Various Types of Kicks

In addition to practicing basic techniques, you can practice different types of kicks with your kids. In this article, five kicks will be introduced, which are the scissor kick, the rabona kick, the elastic kick, the knuckleball, and the rainbow kick.

1. Scissor Kick

Scissor Kick

The scissor kick is also known as the bicycle kick or overhead kick. This kicking technique requires high ability and the right timing. That is because players have to jump upside down with their feet up and their heads down.

This kicking technique can also have an elevated risk of injury if it’s executed incorrectly. Therefore, you need to make sure your kids can do this technique with careful guidance and observation from the experts.

2. Rabona Kick

Rabona Kick

The next kick technique is the rabona kick. Rabona kick is a technique of kicking the ball by crossing the leg to the back of the other leg. This technique can be used to score goals, provide passes, and outwit opponents.

A football player who performs rabona usually receives the ball from the side of his weak foot. For example, a left-handed player receives the ball from the right side. The player will certainly find it difficult to change his body position.

To speed up the timing, the player just crosses his left foot to the back of his right foot to kick the ball.

This technique requires the right ability and timing to kick the ball. If it fails, the player will be at risk of injury and falling to the ground.

3. Elastic Kick

Elastic Kick

Elastic kick is a training technique that is intended to make it easier for players to kick the ball in any position. Usually, the coaches will tie the ball with rubber in order to make the ball bounce back to the kicker quickly.

In addition to practicing kicking skills, elastic kicks can train football players’ control techniques to be better.

4. Knuckleball


Knuckleball or knuckle shoot is a kicking technique that is the mainstay of the current Manchester United superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo. This kick includes a kick technique that is difficult to do.

A football player must be able to kick the ball at the right point, which is right in the middle. In addition, when the foot touches the ball, the foot must not divert in the direction of the ball to create a knuckle effect in the air.

Knuckle shoot is a very powerful kick technique to outwit the opposing goalkeeper because it has an unclear ball direction, especially in free kick conditions.

5. Rainbow Kick

raibow kick

Rainbow kick is a kick technique that is still one type with the rainbow flick technique. If the rainbow flick is used to outwit the opponent while dribbling, the rainbow kick can also be used to score a goal against the opponent. A rainbow kick is done by touching the ball with the back foot so that the ball passes over the head of the opponent or goalkeeper. This technique is usually performed after receiving a pass from a teammate.

In addition to scoring goals, rainbow kicks can also be used to outwit your opponent after receiving the decoy pop fly so that they can get past the opposing team’s defense. Learn more about techniques in football in full in the article How to Teach Play Football for Kids.

Improve Skills With a Trusted Coach

Improve Skills With a Trusted Co

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